For questions about this data please contact **Updated Daily** The data provided are public-facing service requests that were taken by 311 contact center agents, or through online and mobile applications, and entered the Lagan CRM system during 2016. The two main identifiers of data, with which users of the open data should converse with 311, are the Case ID and the Type Name field. Type name is the common used title for a service request among city staff, 311, and the community at large.   Attribute Descriptions Case ID - Gives a unique identifying number associated with each case.  Subject - This is the top level hierarchy definition of a service request. It is most closely associated with a department designation.  Enquiry Type ID - An additional identification number . Reason - This is the 2nd level classification of a service request and reflects a program name or a division assigned to perform the service request.  Type - This is the 3rd level classification describing what the service request specifically is for. It is the most common designation description used in the city.  Title - Similar to the Type column, this describes more details about the incident.  Open Date Time - This is the date and time stamp when the department, program, or division assigned to complete the task in a service request starts working that service request.  Case Status - If case status = "0", it means the case is closed. If case status = "1", the case is still considered open. All cases with a case status of "1" should not have a closed date. Closed Date Time - The date a resolving department, division or program completed the service request.  XCoord & YCoord - This is the coordinate the city provides of where the service request occurred in the WGS 84 web Mercator auxilliary sphere coordinate system.   Service Request Definition List Abandoned Vehicle – a vehicle parked in a public right of way (street) that appears to have been left by its owner in excess of 72 consecutive hours or lacking vital component parts (City Ordinance 478.250). Abandoned Vehicle – Open311 – vehicle reported abandoned via the Minneapolis Mobile Application. Abandoned/Illegally Parked Bicycle – This is a report of an abandoned (or missing parts) bike by owner or someone else Air Pollution Complaint – air contaminants, fumes, or other offensive odors that occur outdoors and impacts the environment. Animal Complaint – Livability – nuisance conditions such as barking dog, stray pets Animal Complaint – Public Health – abandoned, mistreated or uncared for animal, excessive feces in yard causing health risks. Barricade Pickup/Placement – request for City staff to deploy or remove barricades from city street and or sidewalks. Bicycle Lane Issue – complaint for users of bike paths to report off-street bike path trail issues such as pavement, lighting, fencing, signs, debris, overgrown vegetation, etc. phones or other nuisance conditions on city bicycle paths. Bridge Complaint – structural issue that needs attention Chemical Spill – chemical contaminant spilled in any non-authorized location in the city. Commercial Food Safety/Sanitation Complaint – unclean or unhealthy conditions suspected at an eating establishment Debris in the Street or Alley – branches, appliances, or general objects that are blocking an alleyway or street. Debris Alley/Street – Open 311 – Debris in street or alley reported via the Minneapolis Mobile Application. Emergency Pollution Complaint same as land, air, water but emergency requiring contact with 911 Exterior Nuisance Complaint – nuisance conditions located on the exterior of a building, such as long grass, debris or trash, or long weeds. Exterior Nuisance – Self Service – nuisance conditions reportable on the 311 online applications on the website Fence or Guardrail Maintenance – report about a fence or guardrail along a city street that may be in disrepair Fire Hydrant Snow Issue – snow is impeding the normal operation of a fire hydrant….needs to be shoveled out. General Street Complaint – non-specific problem with a street that does not fit in any other type of street complaint Graffiti complaint/reporting – tagger or gang graffiti on properties, public signs, or any surface Graffiti – Open 311 – graffiti complaint made via Minneapolis Mobile Application Hydrant Issue – hydrant out of service, leaking water, damaged, etc Illegal Dumping Complaint – report of waste being disposed at a location other than where it was generated and there is proof of the dumping Land Pollution Complaint – contaminant suspected in land that may require environmental remediation to restore Licensing Complaint – complaints or concerns about a business either licensed by Minneapolis, or operating without a license. Newspaper Box Complaint – newspaper boxes for community newspapers, shoppers, or even major dailies in a state of disrepair, or not used, or obstructing the public right of way. Noise Pollution Complaint – excessive noise that disrupts peace and tranquility of neighborhoods. Parking Meter Citation Issue report that a defective meter/pay station may have cause the vehicle owner to get a ticket Parking Meter Problem – parking meter in need of attention or maintenance…possibly malfunctioning Parking Meter – Open311 – parking meter problem reported via Minneapolis Mobile Application. Parking Ramp/Lot Issue – problem with ramp such as lights out affecting safety, mechanical problems with equipment, cluttered or unsafe stairwells. Parking Violation Complaint – someone parked in a no parking zone, fire lane, etc. Parking Violation – Open311 – parking violation made via Minneapolis Mobile Application Permitted Work - report of concerns about construction work being done on private property after a permit has been obtained Pothole – report of pavement depression/defect Pothole – Open311 – pothole reported via Minneapolis Mobile Application Residential Conditions Complaint – a structural problem with a residential property with 1-3 dwelling units, such as stairwell needing repair, or a chimney in disrepair, or a broken window.  Residential Conditions Complaint HOD (High Occupancy Dwelling) – a conditions complaint for properties with 4 or more residential dwelling units, or a mixed commercial and residential building, or a commercial building complaint. Residential Conditions Complaint Tenant – a complaint in which the tenant of a 1-3 unit residential dwelling unit is adversely affected by a condition in a property, such as nuisance conditions like pests, or heat issues, or malfunctioning equipment. Residential Conditions Complaint HOD Tenant - this is a tenant complaint in a residential building with 4 or more units, a mixed commercial and residential building, or a commercial building complaint. Residential Disability Zone – a vehicle parked in a zone reserved for disabled citizens illegally, or periodically can be reported here. Sand Barrell – request to have a sand barrel placed at a location in the City of Minneapolis Sewer Issues – report of sewer issues such as missing grate, odor, plugged basin, manhole cover issue, sewer backup, etc. Sidewalk Obstruction Complaint – an object or overhanging bush or tree that prevents public right of way on the sidewalk Sidewalk Snow & Ice Complaint – sidewalk that has not been maintained after a snow event or in a melt refreeze cycle. Sidewalk Snow and Ice – SS – sidewalk snow and ice complaint that is reported on the 311 website. Sidewalk Snow & Ice – Open311 – sidewalk snow & ice report via Minneapolis Mobile Application Sidewalk Structural Complaint – a sidewalk that is uneven, or fractured can be reported on this service request. Sidewalk Structural – Open311 – a sidewalk structural complaint made via Minneapolis Mobile Application Sign Complaint – a sign that is not permitted in the city, like a bandit sign for real estate purchasing companies, or other unwanted signs. Snow – Illegal Dumping – complaint about snow being shoveled and dumped back into the street or public right of way. Snow & Ice Complaint – this is a snow and ice complaint in a city street or alley Special Sweep – customer can request a street sweep of their street due to dirt or loose debris in the street Speed Wagon – a request for a speed indicator to be deployed on a city right of way (street) to indicate vehicle speeds Sports Equipment in Street – items that create obstructions for right of way in streets like portable basketball hoops. Street Light – New – a request for the city to deploy a new street light in a given city street/alley Street Light Trouble – street lights no longer working that need to be replaced Street Light Trouble – Open311 – street light issues reported via Minneapolis Mobile Application Streets Snow & Ice – Open311 – snow and ice complaint via Minneapolis Mobile Application Traffic Sign – New – request for a new traffic sign at an intersection, or somewhere in  or near the public right of way Traffic Sign – Removal – request for an existing traffic sign to be removed Traffic Sign – Repair – request for a sign in some level of reported disrepair to be repaired or restored to fully functional condition Traffic Sign Repair – Open311 – sign repair requested via Minneapolis Mobile Application Traffic Signal – New/Modification – a request for a new traffic light at an intersection Traffic Signal Timing Issue – a problem with a light that causes delays or spillover traffic in other intersections due to poorly or disproportionate time given to one right of way over another. Traffic Signal Trouble – signal has lights out or is malfunctioning in some way Traffic Signal Trouble – Open311 – traffic signal trouble reported via Minneapolis Mobile Application Trees Down – report about a tree or tree branch that is obstruction the public right of way Unpermitted Work – report that indicates concern that a citizen or contractor is performing work on properties that requires a city of Minneapolis permit Urgent Pollution Complaint – land, air, water pollution complaints that need immediate attention Water Main Break – Report about water leaking or gushing from a main water pipe Water Pollution Complaint – can report concerns about suspected water pollution Water Quality Issues – reports about water having color, or fishy taste, or some other concern about the quality of water. Water Service Issue – report about frozen water pipes, leaks, low pressure, no water, etc. Zoning Ordinance Complaint – complaints about zoning regulations

Dataset Attributes

    101003980488 to 101004140201
    {"value"=>"Vehicles and Commuting", "count"=>19833} (), {"value"=>"Public Safety", "count"=>9904} (), {"value"=>"Property", "count"=>8117} (), {"value"=>"Sidewalks", "count"=>5754} (), {"value"=>"Animal Related", "count"=>5609} (), {"value"=>"Streets", "count"=>5374} (), {"value"=>"Utilities Related", "count"=>770} ()
    {"value"=>"Traffic Control", "count"=>19826} (), {"value"=>"Graffiti / Clean City", "count"=>9904} (), {"value"=>"Private Property", "count"=>8117} (), {"value"=>"Snow & Ice", "count"=>6750} (), {"value"=>"Animal Control", "count"=>5609} (), {"value"=>"Traffic", "count"=>1986} (), {"value"=>"Street Maintenance", "count"=>1769} (), {"value"=>"Sewer & Storm Drain", "count"=>770} (), {"value"=>"Complaints", "count"=>623} (), {"value"=>"Parking", "count"=>7} ()
    {"value"=>"Parking Violation Complaint", "count"=>10079} (), {"value"=>"Graffiti complaint / reporting", "count"=>9904} (), {"value"=>"Abandoned Vehicle", "count"=>9747} (), {"value"=>"Exterior Nuisance Complaint", "count"=>4811} (), {"value"=>"Animal Complaint - Livability", "count"=>4365} (), {"value"=>"Sidewalk Snow & Ice Complaint", "count"=>3448} (), {"value"=>"Residential Conditions Complaint", "count"=>2452} (), {"value"=>"Pothole", "count"=>1769} (), {"value"=>"Sidewalk Snow and Ice - SS", "count"=>1683} (), {"value"=>"Snow & Ice Complaint", "count"=>1619} ()
    {"value"=>"Graffiti complaint / reporting", "count"=>9904} (), {"value"=>"Animal Complaint - Livability", "count"=>4365} (), {"value"=>"Residential Conditions Complaint ", "count"=>2449} (), {"value"=>"Ext: Veg ", "count"=>2228} (), {"value"=>"Sidewalk Snow and Ice - SS: ", "count"=>1575} (), {"value"=>"Ext: Rubbish ", "count"=>1567} (), {"value"=>"Sidewalk Snow Complaint: DISTRICT 1 ", "count"=>1358} (), {"value"=>"Traffic Signal Trouble ", "count"=>1287} (), {"value"=>"Sidewalk Snow Complaint: DISTRICT 3 ", "count"=>1244} (), {"value"=>"Animal Complaint - Public Health", "count"=>1244} ()
    1483244161000 to 1518895305000
    0 to 1
    1483430530000 to 1518897841000
    -10389348.36 to 0
    0 to 5629588.817
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